About Us

Hire Precision Partners is a division of Neptune- Inc. a Human Resource Consulting company.

The Hire Precision Partners division is a professional search and consulting firm specializing in the areas of:

  • Information Technology
  • Growth/Business Development Marketing
  • Branding /Strategic Marketing
  • Digital/Social Media
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Authoring

Over the past several years, our team of recruiters has developed an excellent reputation for working with the best talent in our specialty areas.

We have a team of highly experienced recruiters, trained and accredited in proven and perfected recruiting methodology. All of our staff adds significant value through a combination of their own industry experience and deploying our ‘best practice’ recruitment process, which has been developed and refined over a numbers of years.

Our proven direct recruiting model ensures that our clients benefit from a compelling ROI (Return on Investment) by engaging with us.